Plans for the California laws hackathon are moving forward, with some sponsorships secured, thanks to Philip Ung (@philrung) at Common Cause (@CommonCauseCA). Generally updates are added at More details soon...

Also wanted to note that my California laws site ( is down, due to an Amazon Web Services interruption.  I will restore it soon on a new  AWS instance.  If you're interested in such things, the notice is below the fold.


We have noticed that one or more of your instances are running on a host degraded due to hardware failure.

The host needs to undergo maintenance and will be taken down at 12:00 GMT on 2011-08-22. Your instances will be terminated at this point.

The risk of your instances failing is increased at this point. We cannot determine the health of any applications running on the instances. We recommend that you launch replacement instances and start migrating to them.

Feel free to terminate the instances with the ec2-terminate-instance API when you are done with them.


The Amazon EC2 Team