Our work continues to translate the results of the first California Laws Hackathon for public consumption:

A small core of hackers, consisting of Grant Vergottini, Greg Willson, Mike Tahani and myself (with support from Karen Suhaka's excellent team at BillTrack50) is moving forward to apply the sample timeline to all  sections of California's codes, and to link external data to code sections.  In particular, Matt has written functions to link Maplight.org's lobbyist and bill positions data to California statutes.

Meanwhile, we're working with Common Cause (Philip Ung), Sunlight Foundation (Laurenellen McCann) and Maplight (Jeff ErnstFriedman and team) to debrief hackathon results and apply this momentum to strengthen Open Government initiatives in California.

If you want to chip in, contact me, or add to the growing wiki here.