Friday, May 27, 2011

CA Legislation New site

CA legislation transformed (w. new website--check it out!) If you want to skip the more technical post below altogether, just go to It has no styling or search function yet, but compare the navigational flow to California's official legislative site:


  1. A great project. abut 10 Years ago I did the same to the brown act by hand coding. It staed # 1 on google for yraes. Problem was undating it.

    Have you given thiught to up dating and indexing proposed changes to cal codes?

    Chakes Brink acton@wgn,net

  2. Yes!
    There is great work going on at the OpenStates project ( to make proposed state legislation more accessible. However, I think it really needs the context of existing legislation, so that we can more easily see the changes proposed.

    I'd like to match proposed legislation to the Code so that we can get "automatic redlining". Ideally, the legislature would publish bills as "updates" to existing Code, to make this more feasible.

  3. Link's dead for Still exists?

  4. There was very minimal traffic to, so I am no longer hosting it. has internal links, like I added at, though calaw was a bit faster and has a nice layout.

    If there is interest, in it, I can revive the calaw site.