Thursday, June 23, 2011

California Laws Android App in 5 Minutes

I've wrapped the California Laws website in an Android application for even faster access from your mobile phone.

[UPDATE: I have shut down the live CA Laws demo website; provides the internal hyperlinks that I had built into my site, and is kept up-to-date. The Android app is also not working now.] Download the new California Laws app here for free, test it out and let me know what you think.  To install, you need to download directly to your Android device and open from the System tray.


In theory, going from a mobile-friendly website to a web application for Android, iPhone or iPad should be relatively simple.  And in practice, it now is, within limits.  I used a new web-based service to create this "version 1" California codes Android application. The website that I used to make this app,, is a bit slower than I'd like for normal page rendering, but otherwise they offer an impressive service. I have no relation to Appgeyser, but this looks like the fastest way to go from website to application, and is a good way to test how your site would look as an application.

A few downsides which can be cured in future versions:
- Tables of contents require scrolling across the screen
- Appgeyser puts an ad at the bottom of the application for their service


  1. I mistakenly tried to install this app. It's nonfunctional. How do I uninstall it?

  2. Uninstalling is done through your Android Settings: Go to Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications, select the California Law app, and click "uninstall". I've updated the post above to explain why I've closed the CA law site (and consequently the app).