Friday, July 8, 2011

Obama's Negotiations on the Debt Ceiling and Tax Code Reform

A very interesting analysis by Kevin Drawbaugh of Reuters argues that--despite rumblings of reforming the tax code-- negotiations between President Obama and Congress over the debt ceiling are unlikely to make the kind of overhauls called for by the Fiscal Commission (National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform). Drawbaugh notes that there simply is not enough time to make those changes before the deadline of August 2.

It does look, however, like reform of many provisions of the tax code will be central to securing a deal, in which case the changes can serve as a kind of dry run for the larger overhaul that President Obama called for in his State of the Union Address.

A great opportunity to simplify the tax code not only by closing loopholes, but also by writing any new tax legislation so that humans can better understand it and computers can better process it.  See recommendations elsewhere on this blog and at start by using plain language in writing any new tax legislation.


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  3. President Obama’s inability to get any deal done with the GOP side compares to society’s inability to convince people not to go to prison and to act for the greater good. Fact is : greed not only brings more greed, it also brings selfishness, distortion of thruth and the necessary justifications required to live with oneself.

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