My last post, on Xcential hiring, has been on top for long enough, though we're always looking for great people. We now have a terrific new team member, Ian Davey, who worked with Ed Felten at Princeton at the Center for Information Policy. Ian has the mix that we are looking for of technical skills and an understanding of legislation and policy. The project he's working on now, a switchboard for legislative references, may someday become the core of legal citation. We continue to look for others, so do get in touch if you think you're interested in shaping the future of legislative technology (or if that phrase even makes sense to you).

It's now time to talk about problems again. And my next post will be about the Internal Revenue Service, a favorite government agency of mine.  There are great opportunities, as I've written previously, for efficiency and transparency in providing tax law information to professionals and the public. But my next post will be on something simpler: having an up-to-date version of the Internal Revenue Code available from the IRS itself (spoiler alert: the IRS currently points to an outdated version of the Code).