This blog expresses my personal thoughts on law, legal technology and occasionally other musings. I'm changing the title today from "Tabulaw" to "Linked Legislation". I'm keeping the domain name (, because the comments on this blog are tied to that domain and I don't want to lose the many valuable thoughts that commenters have added to these posts. At the same time, I would like the blog's title to reflect its broad focus and to evolve along with my thinking on these subjects. That evolution is, of course, influenced by my experience building technology for law.

Tabulaw was my first start-up, focused on delivering legal drafting tools to lawyers-- many of the kinds of tools that have since been built into WestLaw Plus, Lexis Advance and others. We were on to something with Tabulaw, but we did not have access to those companies' massive legal document databases. For that, and other reasons common to start-ups in the legal field and start-ups in general, Tabulaw failed.

I am now working with Xcential, a company started by Grant Vergottini and Brad Chang that, I believe will change the way that legislatures write and publish the law. We're already doing this with some great partners in the U.S. House of Representatives, with the House Modernization Project. We are in the first days of a new industry. I hope to be embarrassed, when the industry is more fully developed, by some of the naive thoughts I express on this blog. I also hope to be able to quote passages, from my posts and your comments, that make it sound like we knew all along what we were doing.