Roundup: House Legislative Data and Transparency

Many kudos to those who put together today's House Legislative Data & Transparency conference. I was impressed with the high-level and high-quality line-up of speakers and participants, and very grateful to the Committee on House Administration, which provided a livestreaming feed, and to all the Tweeters in the room and... [Read More]

XML Standard from Bill to Code: Legislative Recommendation #4

The fourth of my structural recommendations for the U.S. House conference on legislative data and transparency (being held now), is to establish a consistent XML standard from publication of a bill to incorporation in the Code.I'll keep this one short, since others, particularly Jim Harper of the Cato Institute, have... [Read More]

Positive Law Codification: Legislative Recommendation #3

Positive law codification is probably the most under-appreciated facet of legislative transparency.  It is hard work, and requires fighting against the the entropy of legislative history. But ultimately, any effort to create more accessible legislation, will be limited without positive law codification.The best description comes from the Office of Law... [Read More]

Cato Institute: Legislative Transparency and Data Model

An email to the Sunlight Foundation's OpenGov listserve from Jim Harper of the Cato Institute points to his blog post, chock full of links and information, about the upcoming House conference on legislative transparency.  Among the references are a number of quite detailed and on-target recommendations that Cato is making... [Read More]