Tax Experts vs. Robots?

In the battle between robots and legal experts, I have a stake in both camps. On the one hand, the site we're developing at Tabulaw,, relies heavily on automated parsing of tax law information, in order to organize and display it intelligently for professionals.  On the other hand, this... [Read More]

How to Convert HTML to Text, With Formatting

My current best answer: this html2text package from Germany.  It can be installed easily on a MacOS with Macports ($ sudo port install html2text), and on other Unix-like systems through their package managers.  It has a number of useful options, and I use it like this:html2text -nobs -ascii -width 200 -style... [Read More]

Legislative Model: How Much to Open Source?

Should legislative data schemes be open source?  That is the question that Grant Vergottini raises in his blog post today, To Go Open Source or Not.  It's a thought-provoking topic and I encourage you to join the discussion on Grant's blog. Some background and a bit of my thinking is... [Read More]

Legal Informatics' New Blog, from Grant Vergottini

I'm excited to see the start of a new blog on legal informatics (and more), from Grant Vergottini.  Grant, a key participant and organizer of the California Law Hackathon, and his business partner, Bradlee Chang, developed the authoring system that California's legislature uses to write our state laws.  So he... [Read More]