Blog experiment over for now

I've gone back to the previous design for this blog.  I like Blogger's new "Dynamic Templates", but I suspect that they are changing how easy it is to search and find the blog.  So for now, I'm going back to the previous template.  And after this post, back to our... [Read More]
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New Blog Views: Try it out

As you can see, the blog looks different.  Google has rolled out a number of new ways to view and navigate blogs, and I'm trying them out here. I like the Timeslide view the best (selection on the right), to see blog topics at a glance.If you have strong opinions one... [Read More]

California Laws: Continued progress

Our work continues to translate the results of the first California Laws Hackathon for public consumption:A small core of hackers, consisting of Grant Vergottini, Greg Willson, Mike Tahani and myself (with support from Karen Suhaka's excellent team at BillTrack50) is moving forward to apply the sample timeline to all  sections of California's codes, and... [Read More]