Tax Simplification Hearings - 2014

Annette Nellen at 21st Century Tax has written a post on Congressional hearings this summer on tax reform. The Senate Finance Committee, led by Senators Wyden (D-OR) and Hatch (R-UT), will consider topics including:Education incentivesIdentity theft and privacy"Modernizing" corporate taxationTax simplificationAs I mentioned in a comment on Annette's blog, I... [Read More]

U.S. House Legislative Data Transparency Conference, 2014

I am excited to be going to the U.S. House Transparency conference tomorrow (Thursday) and the Sunlight Foundation's Transparency Camp on Friday and Saturday. Less excited for the redeye flight tonight.Much of the work Xcential has been involved with, as part of the House Modernization Project, will be on view... [Read More]

An Easy Act to Follow: the DATA Act and Low Hanging Legislation List II

People who think government should do less and people who think government should do more can agree on this: government should do better. Even a polarized Congress can unanimously agree on certain measures to improve government work. As discussed in my last post, the DATA Act's unanimous passage gives fresh... [Read More]

DATA Act and the Low Hanging Legislation List

This is the most polarized Congress ever. It has been mathematically proven. Before you turn to the good news in my next paragraph, do read the proof, discussed in the Slate article by Jordan Ellenberg in that last link. The article also provides proof that I traveled with the smart set in college.... [Read More]