From 1789 to #OpenData2013

The First U.S. LawI'm looking forward to the Data Transparency conference today in Washington, DC, organized by +Hudson Hollister. You already know this if you've been following this blog, or my tweets (@arihersh), or have had the good fortune to speak with me about legislative data recently.I will be presenting... [Read More]

Data Transparency 2013: Operation Clean Desk

I've been meaning to organize these papersI have been invited to speak [join a breakout panel on legislation] at the Data Transparency conference (2013) in Washington, D.C. next week. My message will be quite simple so that everyone can then focus on the other, very impressive, speakers: Now is the time... [Read More]

The Most Productive U.S. Congress Ever

It's my birthday today. Maybe that's what makes me optimistic, despite evidence of a catastrophic climate change singularity, politicians and pundits still fiddling with Wiener while the planet burns, an immigration debate where rebuilding the Berlin wall on our border takes precedence over rebuilding our economy. Maybe that's why I... [Read More]

UUID for legal texts: Part 451fe00e-c2fe-4c11-9f10-5f96395e2523

Creating a data-friendly reference for legal texts can be far from straightforward, as I pointed out in reference to the Supreme Court's decision this week to overturn DOMA section 3 (aka 1 USC 7).As  Tim Arnold-Moore pointed out in response to my last post on unique identifiers, not all issues can be addressed... [Read More]