UUID for Legal Text

There has been a lot of interest and I have gotten great feedback on the post about the book I'm writing with Grant about legislative data.Data standards are always a hot topic (relatively hot-- we normalize against interest in this field in general, not against interest in the Kardashians: ).Among the questions... [Read More]

First Commit: Legislative Data, the Book

I'm writing a book with +Grant. This may be a surprise to him. We've discussed the book, we're planning on it, we've even begun to flesh out many of the ideas in our blogs. But we hadn't said anything publicly about it until now. Grant's in Hong Kong this week for... [Read More]

U.S. House Legislative Data and Transparency Conference 2013

Two obvious questions:1. What have I been up to while neglecting this blog for so long?2. What was so important that I'm back to blog again?I'll give away the second answer first: the U.S. House of Representatives (yes, that U.S. House) held its second annual Legislative Data and Transparency Conference.... [Read More]

Meeting at US House on Congressional Legislation XML Standards

Tomorrow (July 20), there is going to be an "industry day" to discuss the U.S. House modernization project.  This includes projects from both the Office of Legislative Counsel (responsible for bill drafting) and the Law Revision Counsel (responsible for codifying legislation into the U.S. Code).  The project specifications describe goals for... [Read More]