Legislative Transparency and the Open Government Partnership

The elements are aligning for a major transformation in how governments publish laws. Open data and open government go hand-in-hand and one significant benefit of this pairing is that the accelerated pace of technology can pull open government forward faster than it would otherwise move. Earlier this week, President Obama... [Read More]

Who is the Steve Jobs of Digital Legislation?

With the announcement of the new iPad 4   3 (including in this hilarious Onion article: This Article Generating Thousands of Dollars in Ad Revenue), it's a good time to think about the tremendous gap between the promise of digitization and the widespread adoption of digital technology for different media.A recurring... [Read More]

IRS and Tech: Cudgel or Lever?

The National Taxpayer Advocate, Nina Olson, has a posse.  And for good reason. I attended the American Bar Association Tax Section mid-year meeting in San Diego last week and had the opportunity to hear Olson speak.  She wields statistics, legal provisions and specific taxpayer examples to show how the IRS has... [Read More]