California Laws Hackathon + Calaw site down

Plans for the California laws hackathon are moving forward, with some sponsorships secured, thanks to Philip Ung (@philrung) at Common Cause (@CommonCauseCA). Generally updates are added at More details soon...Also wanted to note that my California laws site ( is down, due to an Amazon Web Services interruption.  I will restore it... [Read More]

California Law API: Preparation for Hackathon

[Edit: Sign up to join us here (Facebook event)]It's true, California's laws now come with an unofficial RESTful API. This is a great boost for California Law Hackathon plans: now programmers can dive right in and develop innovative ways of presenting and navigating the data in their favorite format- JSON, XML, RDF among others.  If you want... [Read More]

Hackathon Anyone? California Opens Legislative Database

So it's not quite Wikileaks, and it's actually officially sanctioned by California's Legislative Counsel. But an email I recently received on Sunlight Foundation's OpenStates listserv could be the first step to fully opening up California's legislation to the public. In the world of legislative transparency, this counts as exciting stuff.I've... [Read More]